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CBD 350mg Face Cream

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Natural Hemp Flavour

100% Vegan Friendly

CBD 350mg Face Cream - SwissPeakCBD
CBD 350mg Face Cream

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What are the benefits of using CBD face cream?

CBD face cream in the UK is known for its potential skin health benefits. It may help reduce inflammation, making it beneficial for conditions like acne and eczema. Its moisturising properties can also aid in soothing dry skin. Additionally, CBD is believed to have antioxidant qualities, potentially helping to reduce visible signs of ageing.

Is CBD face cream legal in the UK, and what should I look for when purchasing it?

Yes, CBD face cream is legal in the UK as long as it contains less than 1mg of THC per container. When purchasing, look for products that are compliant with UK regulations, and opt for creams that provide third-party lab results to ensure quality and safety.

Can I use CBD face cream along with other skincare products in my routine?

Absolutely. CBD face cream can be a part of your daily skincare regimen in the UK. It's best used after cleansing and toning but before applying heavier moisturisers or sunscreens. Be mindful of how your skin reacts when combining it with other products, especially if they contain active ingredients.

How often should I use CBD face cream for the best results?

The frequency of use depends on your skin type and the specific concerns you are addressing. Generally, it can be used once or twice daily. For sensitive skin or first-time users, start with a smaller frequency and gradually increase as your skin adapts.

Will using CBD face cream cause a 'high' sensation?

No, CBD face cream does not cause a 'high'. CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis. Unlike THC, CBD does not have intoxicating effects, so you can use it without concern for psychoactive effects.

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