CBD TINCTURE 30ml – ORANGE (500mg – 1000mg)


Ranging from 500mg to 1000mg, these broad spectrum oils benefit from the addition of natural flavouringsThese full spectrum oils are extracted using a specialist CO2 process that has been developed to isolate and remove any unwanted compounds, while creating the maximum potency level of phytocannabinoids.

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Cutting edge technology is employed to ensure a full spectrum oil, that includes both high levels of CBD, cannabinoids and terpenes. They include components including phytocannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes. These full spectrum CBD components are easy to use even on a day to day basis. Our hemp based phytocannabinoids offer an organic, non GMO formulation with no chemical solvents. 

These oils are light on taste and present a great alternative for people who prefer a little extra flavour with their CBD. This product also comes with the benefit of 0% THC content while still giving you a large dose of phytocannabinoids to add to the entourage effect. 


…you are getting a product that has been made to the highest industry standards. The processes used to create these products don’t include complex chemicals or diluted solvents, but instead, give you great organic ingredients. This 500mg crisp apple flavoured broad spectrum CBD tincture is efficient, high quality and enjoyable to use. 

Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract (500mg - 1500mg per 30ml), MCT Oil, Natural Flavourings, Terpenes 

Place full dropper/pipette of oil under your tongue and hold for 20-30 seconds before swallowing for better absorption. Can be taken once or twice a day. Don’t forget to check out our detailed dosage guide on our industry leading peel and reveal labels.  

We recommend when beginning to use our oils that you start at the lower dose and gradually increase this over time. 



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